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Mr.P.Venkatachalam B.Tech., (Chemical Engineering) is a qualified engineer, a host in himself running this National Institute of Banking is successfully in Madurai ,Tamil Nadu as the maid of honour to the job seekers. He has been trained at All India Civil Service Exam Coaching Centre in Chennai from 2001 to 2003. During the year 2004 he worked as a part time trainer of a Training Centre at Perambalur which is run by the District Govt. Employment Office of the city. After that, he worked as a faculty in a Private Training Centre in Nagercovil during the years 2004 and 2005.

An account of these vast experiences he started this institute on 27th June, 2005 in Madurai for the job seeking youths. His greatest strength lies on his out and out involvement of his hard work and makes himself as a back bone of the students. His main focus is motivating the students to hunt up the knowledge from the various fields to reach their success from their losing game for that he has scheme of colours and so he is a well recognized figure in this field in and around to the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. Each student is special to him and he personally builds a unique rapport with each and every one of them and so he can plough off their mental distress and tears them up by roots. His first and foremost responsibility is towards the students until the success comes to their hands by working his valuable imparting with latest methods and feeds them properly which add zest to the students for their learning. Over and above, the young and energetic engineer with a heart of gold would knowledge flow like a transparent stream that helps the students to accomplish their knowledge in their subject and packs off the feelings of hard nut to crack from their subject.

He believes head and shoulders that every step is empowering the strength of the student's knowledge especially for those who suffer from inferiority complex, a snake in the grass. He is always in the orchard of books and knowledge, so he can fulfill the requirements knowledge of the students with proper trainings. As he is the man of good headed knight of the whip he can guide them to grade up and clear up their knowledge line upon line through which he can make them pages of honour. He always lights up and enhances the knowledge of the students through and through to wipe their eyes. He is a candle that shows path to the job seeking students through the dark lanes of their life by its flame. Thus he makes himself as a stay - bar of them. Because of these qualities he scaled flying colours. The ardent job seekers are pinning their faith on this institution and ready to bloom under his care with great pleasure of their own accord. Thus he has been working from the bottom of his heart for the job seeking youth heart and soul and so there is no wonder that he is received by all with open arms. In order to develop their carrier opportunities his National Institute of Banking, a land of success has been serving them to light and pelt with roses before long to give training classes forTNPSC, Banking, SSC, Railway, TRB, Police & Other Competitive Examinations to make not only the best of their lives as a bed of roses but also stand on their own bottom. To say the open secret in brief that the job seekers consider that the National Institute of Banking, a voyage of discovery, is a pillar of their hope and cup of their tea and so they make it as their bet fellow with heart of hearts.
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About Us
Mr.P.Venkatachalam B.Tech., (Chemical Engineering) is a qualified engineer, a host in himself running this National Institute of Banking is successfully in Madurai.
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